Healthy salade of beet and cucumber

Healthy salade of beet and cucumber. A green and red preparation of salade for my lunch today. A beet was getting dry and soft in my refrigerator since past 7 days , and , as there is scarcity of vegetables amid covid 19 lockdown , I have to finally cut it up and mix it with a cucumber , green chilly and then sprinkled some salt and pepper , voila , I got a tasty salad for my lunch today.

Our – Nainital trip Day 4

Nainital trip Day 4 – Kathgodam railway station to Bhimtal. As mentioned in my last post , we arrived at kathgodam railway station in morning around 9 am. Luckily , go a cheap bargain for cab to our bhimtal hotel. In a season time of new year , got an Innova all for ourselves @ just rs.500. The route was pretty cool. At halfway , took a stop at a hotel for breakfast. It had amazing views. Check out my next post in the series for photos of our next day (day 5) in bhimtal.