My New Tata Nexon Daytona Grey BS6 2020

Hey there. So, finally I decided to get my first car in the pandemic lockdown. Or you may say that pandemic worked as a precursor for the need of a car.

Went to the showroom yesterday to make final payments and add some customization to the car.

Here is the picture of Nexon XM Daytona grey 2020 BS6 Getting ready.

I will take the delivery on Monday 27th of July 2020. Will share my review and feedback here. Stay tuned.

Stung by a Yellow Bee.

Stung by a yellow bee

Rainy season brings cool and comfort after a spell of summer. Along with that, it also brings a lot of insects, especially on the roads.

Yesterday, when I was driving my motor bike , one yellow bee flew and got to me just beneath my helmet on my neck .

As I was at 70 km/hr it took me some time to break properly on highway , in which it got ample time to bite me on the neck.

It was my first bee bite ever , and it BURNS !!!😢 Removed the bee and kept driving nonetheless. Reached my hospital , till which symptoms had become somewhat lesser.

Took some anti allergic and anti inflammatory pills. Got better in 4 hrs.

The yellow bee is actually a Wasp and not a bee.Yellowjackets are sometimes mistakenly called “bees” (as in “meat bees“), given that they are similar in size and general coloration to honey bees, but yellowjackets are actually wasps.

Yellow bees are actually wasps.

Bill and Melinda Gates want blacks to be their guinea pigs ?

Read this story in Natural News today that clams that the entire narrative you’re seeing unfold right now — the pandemic, the riots, the second wave, etc. is being shaped to drive black people into mandatory vaccines that are going to be formulated as weapons of genocide.

Author claims

Now, Melinda Gates is calling for black people to be among the very first to get the new covid-19 vaccines, which will of course be medical experiments that skipped all the usual animal trials and long-term testing.

In essence, Bill and Melinda Gates want blacks to be their guinea pigs for their latest vaccine, even knowing that their earlier vaccines have killed hundreds of thousands of children in India, for starters.

This may easily be one of the wildest claims I have ever heard. Being a doctor myself , I cannot believe how insane (or evil) this author may be.I think he goes my Mike Adams.If you think I am overreacting , come back when you have heard his podcast.