Bill and Melinda Gates want blacks to be their guinea pigs ?

Read this story in Natural News today that clams that the entire narrative you’re seeing unfold right now — the pandemic, the riots, the second wave, etc. is being shaped to drive black people into mandatory vaccines that are going to be formulated as weapons of genocide.

Author claims

Now, Melinda Gates is calling for black people to be among the very first to get the new covid-19 vaccines, which will of course be medical experiments that skipped all the usual animal trials and long-term testing.

In essence, Bill and Melinda Gates want blacks to be their guinea pigs for their latest vaccine, even knowing that their earlier vaccines have killed hundreds of thousands of children in India, for starters.

This may easily be one of the wildest claims I have ever heard. Being a doctor myself , I cannot believe how insane (or evil) this author may be.I think he goes my Mike Adams.If you think I am overreacting , come back when you have heard his podcast.


Rising heat waves along with covid-19 cases

Screening migrant labourers

It’s the end of may already and the summer hear is at peak. Especially the last couple of days have been tough.

Rise in heat along with the number of positive coronavirus cases is making a double trouble for us already fatigued doctors.

It seems that the Indian government has finally given up on the idea of containment and lock down. They have set lose the havoc of so called migrant people ! 😢 Nowhere in the world you get to see this kind of mess.

We are the only miserable country in the world where quantity is more important than quality and undeserving people become the leaders.

We are such an unfortunate bunch of people where infighting and pulling each other’s legs is more important than working for the common good.

Out biggest problem is THE large and useless population ! Period. We the doctors are nothing but a tiny butterfly standing in the way of the colossal sandstorm. And I am not saying these because I am depressed. Just starting the facts because things have moved way past depression in past four months , working away from our families.

Working in our OPD with just a surgical mask and a surgical latex gloves. Stocks of sanitisers have also ended and God knows when will it be restocked ? Not being provided PPE for attending OPD. Thus decided not to continue general OPD. Instead, providing only emergency services.

Now, the destination looks far and the situation is miserable, just getting through one day at a time.