Previewing Harry Potter and The Half blood prince

The meanings of first day first show have changed.Earlier it used to be the first show in the morning (maybe at 11 or 12 am,i have never been to that ! ) of FRIDAY. 
 Them came the culture of PVRs and the FUN CINEMAS,they have recently started to show the 'show' called 'preview' a day earlier, i.e. On thursday Night.

Me along with my friends,had a chance to visit the 'preview' of the latest sequel of Harry Potter series.

It may be an enjoying experience but sometimes proves to be fatal,as it happened to all of up at the show.
It was The first show,so all things new,The movie script not tested, and the whole reel after the interval was corrupted.The cinema administration at M2k pitampura took a whole nasty 45 minutes to get back in position.This one ruined our moods for sure but alas ! We completed the movie at least.

So Boys & girls,what you learned today ? Never Risk Going For a Thursday Preview When nothing is going well for you !!
– Taken at 8:02 PM on July 16, 2009 – uploaded by ShoZu